Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A different kind of progress

As part of my life-changing plan, I'm trying to eat healthier and exercise more. My husband and I are going to India for a family wedding in November, and having recently seen some photos of myself looking not-so-svelte, I want to avoid more of the same.

Unlike my husband, who can for some reason go days surviving on only fruit juice, I have been blessed with a body that starts shutting down if I don't eat regularly. Plus, I tend to hate any normal kind of exercise. If I know I'm doing exercise I don't enjoy it. So, this should be fun.

I've started out with a few small things. I don't want to make massive changes to my life, because I know I will come to resent it, and not stick with it. I only have healthy snacks around me at work, and my lunches need to be healthy too. So, I currently have a small container of pecan nuts (the only nuts I like), some mandarins, and some crackers which I have with cream cheese. For lunch today I am having leftover stir-fry, which my husband made last night - full of fresh vegetables, a little bit of meat, and proper noodles, none of those covered in preservative things you get in a packet. Its seriously yum.

I am a huge coffee fiend, but I've started trying to wean myself off it. I have one in the morning, and then its only green tea while I'm at work. Then maybe a coffee when I get home. I see how I feel. I'm also working on portion control at dinner time.

I've also started going for a run a few times a week, at lunchtime. Its only a small run, and it takes me about 20/25 minutes. I can't run the whole way, I have to run a bit, then walk a bit. I figure once I can run the whole way, I'll find another route, that maybe takes a bit longer.

All these things are quite achievable, and I'm finding its not too much stress to fit them into my life. So far. Hopefully I can stick with it. As long as I make what I'm eating varied and interesting, then I should be ok. Wish me luck!

In other news, due to my wrist and not being able to knit, I've needed to find another craft to keep me occupied. I did some googling, and I've decided to try needle felting. I've ordered a starter kit online, and a work colleague has donated a bag of roving. Of course, being a perfectionist I'm expecting myself to be awesome at it off that bat. We'll see how that goes. I'll post pictures once the kit arrives.

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